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Golden Bull Wealth Creation Services

Golden bull wealth services offers diverse set of financial services, tailor made to meet financial aspiration of varied client segments like individuals, professionals, HNI, Ultra HNI, Institutions, HUF’s & corporates. Our aim is to empower people achieve their financial goals with utmost sustainable way.

We partner our clients in the entire investment journey, right from knowing our client, their risk appetite, short & long-term goals to investment plan, execution, reporting & monitoring.

The digital wave blended with comprehensive investment ideas has enabled us to curate a client-centric investment philosophy. Our knack to hear and understand the objectives gives us an edge to offer customized wealth management solutions.

Our Vision

To attain globally best standards and practices to become a world-class financial service research advisor – guided by its purpose to move towards a greater degree of sophistication and maturity.

Our Mission

To help those who are at the bottom of the pyramid. To work with vigour, dedication and innovation to achieve excellence in service, quality, reliability, safety and customer care as the ultimate goal. To earn the trust and confidence of all stakeholders, exceeding their expectations and making the Company a respected household name.

To consistently achieve high growth and the highest levels of productivity. To be a technology-driven, efficient and financially sound organization. To contribute towards community development and nation-building. To be a responsible corporate citizen nurturing human values and concern for society, the environment and, above all, the people.

To promote a work culture that fosters individual growth, team spirit and creativity to overcome challenges and attain goals. To encourage ideas, talent and value systems. To uphold the guiding principles of trust, integrity and transparency in all aspects of interactions and dealings.

Our Corporate Values

We will adhere, individually and collectively, to our commitments, our values, and the ethical conduct of our business.

To our customers, we are committed to providing quality products and services that consistently represent an exceptional value and result in high customer satisfaction.

To the society, we are committed to improving the status of living for a large section of the population through our passion for financial inclusion.

To our employees, we are committed to offering a rewarding workplace that encourages mutual respect, communication, openness to challenge, and the opportunity for both personal and professional growth.

To our investors, we are committed to creating value and consistently delivering outstanding financial returns.

What Is Share Market?

The term share market refers to several exchanges in which shares of publicly held companies are bought and sold. Such financial activities are conducted through formal exchanges and via over-the-counter (OTC) marketplaces that operate under a defined set of regulations. 

Both “share market” and “stock exchange” are often used interchangeably. Traders in the stock market buy or sell shares on one or more of the stock exchanges that are part of the overall stock market.

The leading U.S. stock exchanges include the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Nasdaq.

Share Market Research

Share market Research is a method of analyzing stocks based on factors such as the company’s financials, leadership team and competition. Stock research helps investors evaluate a stock and decide whether it deserves a spot in their portfolio.

Stock / Share market analysis helps traders to gain an insight into the economy, stock market, or securities. It involves studying the past and present market data and creating a methodology to choose appropriate stocks for trading. Stock analysis also includes the identification of ways of entry into and exit from the investments.

Our user-friendly interface provides a seamless trading experience, allowing users to buy and sell stocks with ease.

. Stay updated with the latest market trends, track your portfolio performance, and access a wide range of investment opportunities.

With up-to-date data and real-time market insights, our platform provides a reliable source of information that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Whether you are interested in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, our product offers a wealth of information to help you grow your portfolio and maximize your returns.

Our share market research product provides comprehensive insights and analysis to help investors make informed decisions.

Our research reports are designed to assist both novice and experienced investors in navigating the complexities of the share market, enabling them to maximize their returns and minimize risks.

We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality share market research that is tailored to their needs. Trust us to help you grow and succeed in the dynamic world of finance.

Our team of experienced analysts use advanced tools and techniques to gather data and provide valuable recommendations.

Why is Share Market Analysis important?

Performing a research before making an investment is a must. It is only after a thorough research that you can make some assumptions into the value and future performance of an investment. Even if you are following stock trading tips, it ideal to do some research, just to ensure that you are making an investment that’s expected to get you maximum returns.

When you invest in equity, you purchase some portions of a business expecting to make money upon increase in the value of the business. Before buying anything, be it a car or phone, you do some degree of research about its performance and quality. An investment is no different. It is your hard earned money that you are about to invest, so you must have a fair knowledge of what you are investing in.

Types of Stock Analysis

Stock analysis can be grouped into two broad categories:

Fundamental Analysis:

The fundamental stock analysis method involves the evaluation of a business at a basic financial level. Investors use fundamental analysis to determine whether the current price of a company’s stock reflects the future value of the company.

Fundamental analysis uses different factors such as the current economic environment and finances of the company to estimate its stock value.

Technical Analysis:

The technical analysis method involves examining data generated through market activities, such as volume and prices. Analysts following such a type of stock analysis use technical indicators and tools like charts and oscillators to identify patterns that can indicate future price trends or direction.

Technical analysts examine the historical trading data of a security and estimate the future move of the security. It is frequently used for forex and commodities.


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